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Sabrosa Gourmet Seafood Finishing Salt Set

Sabrosa Gourmet Seafood Finishing Salt Set

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Fish and seafood lovers delight!!! This trio of Sabrosa Gourmet finishing salts is the perfect way to finish any fish or seafood dish and more!!!!

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FIRED UP! SALT - White pepper, cayenne powder, red pepper flakes and a dash of ginger are combined with other spices and our sel gris to add a bit of sweet peppery heat to your meal.

CREOLE PEPPER SALT - Pepper spices and paprika combine with our sel gris to deliver a warm flavor. A light touch of garlic and thyme finish this tasty combination.

LEMON DILL SALT - Dill with a pinch of lemon peel and other spices blended with our sel gris for a light, zesty flavor.


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