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How would you like to have access to hundreds of small companies in need of your services? E.A.T.M.E is on the hunt for successful business service providers in the areas of Marketing & PR, Legal, Accounting, Business Consulting, Digital Marketing Consulting, and any other area where you think your services can benefit small culinary companies like ours. To be a vendor, we simply ask two thing:

1) You provide our associates with educational content that taps into your area of expertise on a regular basis in the form of a blog post on our website. This will not only help our associates, but will show them you are a formidable expert in your field.

2) You must also provide an "E.A.T.M.E" discount to those of our members who utilize your services.

As we grow, and increase our numbers, providing you with more business, there may be a monthly fee to be on our platform, but for the time being, this is completely free to you. Find out more information and apply to be a vendor here: or email us at

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