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Delta Blues Rice Combo Pack

Delta Blues Rice Combo Pack

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You get a 1 lb bag of brown rice, brown rice grits, long grain white rice, and white rice grits. Try our award winning products today. 

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Long Grain White Rice -  Southern Living loved our rice so much they named us best rice of 2016.  This rice was so beloved by our family and friends that it launched a business. Try our signature product straight from the farm to your table. Chefs and home cooks alike love the delicious flavor of our rice.  Our rice is of the highest quality and is identity preserved (one single variety) so that you get the full flavor and cooking characteristics of one variety.  Try it out, and you will taste the Delta Blues Rice difference.

White Rice Grits - This product won the Garden and Gun Made in the South food category in 2016.  Delicious and versatile, our grits are made in small batches and milled for freshness. Grits, AKA middlins, are broken pieces of rice that have a creamy texture when cooked. This product is the perfect side dish for rich sauces and a variety of other dishes. It’s uses are limitless.

Brown Rice - Delta Blues Brown Rice is not your average brown rice and is sure to be a deliciously healthy addition to your menu. It has a mild, nutty flavor that people love. Brown rice comes from leaving the bran on the rice grain, which gives it added nutritional value.

Brown Rice Grits - Brown rice grits are the perfect combination between healthy and tasty.  This rice product has the same great flavor and health benefits as our brown rice but the creaminess of a grit. It will become a new favorite in your pantry.




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