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The Elite Association for Tasty Mealtime Enterprises (E.A.T.M.E.) was formed to raise awareness of the overlooked, obscure and amazingly delicious products made by small culinary companies across the United States. Their products don't get national shelf space. They aren't thrust into your living room fed by multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, and they go relatively unnoticed by the general public. Quite simply, you as consumers have been robbed of the culinary pleasures these companies have provided. Until now.

Before the internet, it would have been virtually impossible for you to know about these amazing culinary masterpieces. You would have gone through your daily lives, not being able to experience the explosion of flavors that these companies' products could bring to your existence. Not really and truly experiencing life as it was meant to be. Now, through the stupendous miracle of technology and collaboration, everyone can know the pleasure that emanates from an E.A.T.M.E. company product. We are so darn tootin' pleased to bring these amazing small culinary businesses to the forefront and allow you, the ever intelligent and sophisticated consumer to experience them first hand. Ask yourself: "How lucky am I to be alive today, in this world, where this is all possible?" The answer is...very. Discover your taste...

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